More to come soon

Hey Folks! I've had a month filled with beautiful chaos and I've lost my hold on getting posts up. I wanted you to know that I'm sending out love and that I'm still writing. More to come soon. Happy summer!


Lots of babies

A couple of months back, I quickly realized that I had never talked with my daughter about pregnancy options. I taught her consent, that not all pregnancies survive, and how pregnancy happens. But I missed this crucial piece. Luckily, kids are brilliant and she brought it up herself. "Mom, when are we going to have … Continue reading Lots of babies

“If, then” podcast

This is a great podcast and I recommend it for a listen. One of the speakers, Eroc, is a friend and a (r)evolutionary parent. In this podcast, he is unpacking the complicated components of punishment with two other men. It is three men talking honestly about how they want to step towards the world … Continue reading “If, then” podcast